An image of a PIGBAITTA feral pig specific bait device out in the field, with the PIGBAITTA logo superimposed next to it.


A game-changer in feral pig management!

PIGBAITTA is an Australian owned feral pig specific bait delivery device, designed to be used with either 1080 or sodium nitrate baits. Engineered and manufactured in Australia by Sonnex, each PIGBAITTA is constructed with fully galvanised and recyclable Australian steel with a 10 year structural warranty. It is the result of six years of research and trials, and we believe it will be a game changer in the control of feral pigs in Australia on a broader scale.

See how our collaborations with Landcare Australia have made a difference:

The PIGBAITTA is an innovation in feral pig management, requiring fewer site visits and saving landowners precious time and resources.


An image of a PIGBAITTA feral pig specific bait delivery device in a Sonnex warehouse.
The official seal of an Australian owned business.

PIGBAITTA is proudly Australian made and operated.

We’ve partnered with another great Australian company, Sonnex.

Each PIGBAITTA is made with 100% Australian steel that is fully recyclable.

The Sonnex logo, linking to their page regaring PIGBAITTA.