Free-Feeding Pellets

  • Designed specifically to attract feral pigs.

  • High protein.

  • Contains Carasweet as an attractant.

  • Formulated for minimal seed germination.

Free-Feeding Pellets

Over several years, we formulated and developed these high protein pellets to be the preferred food of feral pigs, in both dry years and good. Protein is an essential aspect of a feral pig’s diet, particularly when breeding, but is difficult to find among their food supply. By offering a high protein feed we create an easily accessible repository of this vital resource, quickly making the pellets a preferred source of food.

Our free-feeding pellets are made with cereal grains, legumes, soyabean meal, molasses, vitamins, minerals, and contain Carasweet as an extra attractant for feral pigs.

The pellets were also developed for use in areas where seed germination is undesirable, such as National Parks, further reducing the impact on our native environment.

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